Maintaining your website with professional website design & development service company in chennai now a days are simplified

Maintaining a website is just as important as building it in the first place! Unfortunately, most designers put much more effort into the initial design and launch of a site than they do in keeping the content fresh and keeping the site growing to best serve all visitors.

It is imperative that you maintain a commitment to posting accurate, timely information online. If people who visit your site find that the information never changes, they will stop accessing it.

Maintaining a website is never done: new information will always be waiting to be uploaded, old information will need to be updated, users will provide suggestions that need to be incorporated, etc.

Never take your website down when launching a site redesign There are even for-profit organizations that will do this -- take their website down and put a "hold" page that says something ridiculous like, "Pardon our dust! Our new site will go up in a few days, so be sure to check back!" NEVER do this. Just as newspapers are committed to making sure they publish on time no matter what, just as theater companies are committed to the philosophy of the "show must go on" no matter what, you should be committed to always keeping your website operational. Taking your website down for several days during a transition, or ceasing to keep a website updated while you wait for a new site to be redesigned or launched, is unprofessional and will make you look very bad to many visitors and potential supporters.

Visitor feedback

Keep in mind what your audiences want out of the site. Give all web users ongoing opportunities to provide feedback and suggestions for the site. This can range from putting a feedback form on your site, asking your friends, "What do you think of my website?"

Content and design ideas

By way of search engines and referrals, check out sites for organizations similar to your own for content and design ideas.

Stories and newsletters

Add stories from newsletters that have been published since your site was launched, or information from publications that have come out since the website launch.

Track results

Track the responses that result from your website. It will help you plan more strategically for future posts and online activities. And remember that responding to e-mail from the website is a vital part of how to maintain a website.