Terms of Service

As a customer or reseller of our web services you need to be aware that when you purchase or signing up for an account with Geohoster.com, you agree to position data on our servers and make it accessible to the wide internet public.

Terms of service

Using our web hosting or server to send mass mailing / bulk / spam / commercial mailing are strictly prohibited, If found the account will be suspended without any noticed, The emails features is an additional service for the web hosting, So it does not support sending multiple or many emails at a time or one by one continually, As you should be aware as an online user, email spamming is not something that can be excused or warned. We normally suspend the account immediately for investigation without notice but if email spam abuse complaint is received from spam monitoring network, then we will terminate the user immediately, No backup or ftp or server access will be provided for taking backup

We do not assist our web hosting customer for uploading or downloading the web files or transfer from one account to another account, We charge for uploading & downloading web files, script or transfer files based on the requirement

We reserve the rights to terminate or suspend your hosting account for the following content uploading

  • Ad ult text, content, pictures, audio, video or even links to othe site like s exually explicit material or encouraging violence or illegal materials or unsuitable or affecting any group or individual,
  • We do not provide hosting space for uploading files, pictures, audio or video file for the purpose of data storage, For example all the files hosted through the ftp or cpanel in the hosting account should be online. Our web hosting space should only be used for hosting purpose only, like creating a sub domain or file extension & hosting client or customer website for live demo, This is not allowed in our hosting
  • All files uploaded should be displayed using proper links from the index files, For example freelancer or web designer should not upload customer website in the shared hosting. Suppose if you have single page website like "Page under construction" & should not have hosting files in back ground for storage purpose. Zipped or rar format file will not be allowed & will be deleted immediately
  • Resellers who purchase our reseller hosting or master reseller hosting or VPS, should not provide web hosting space for free to there customer.
  • Our server should not be used for sending bulk email or bulk sms, Any loss of data uploaded through ftp or Any incoming/outgoing mail failer, We are not responsible, Since the mail service are performed through website or ip address, So we will not be able to remove the block from any third party server. We make sure the website was able to ping using command prompt & get proper reply. We dont assist in configuring outlook express or other third party email application but we make sure the website opens with webmail. Our shared unlimited web hosting does not support audio, video, software downloads through own ftp or external links.
  • If you have to host your website with us & domain registrated with another registrant, You need to change the name server. After changing the nameservers with domain registrar, it can take upto 24-72 hours for a domain to propagate throughout the many DNS servers. This is a process that no one can expedite, and simply requires your patience.
  • If you want to transfer the domain from another registrant to our company, It will take 5 to 7 day, which is normal procedure, The site will not go down for transfer period, The owner of domain will get an email for approval transfer within 1 to 4 days after transfer started. If you want to transfer the web hosting or domain name to another company, you can do so without any notice.
  • Be sure to secure your customers scripts, as any spam sent out using such scripts will result in account deactivation.
  • Once the domain name registration and web hosting space has been allocated or registered, it can't be changed or altered. The refund policy is applicable for all web hosting, VPS & website designing customers. We have no question ask money back quarantee. All business associates & domain name registrant does not have money back policy. You have option to transfer the domain for free of cost to another company or person.
  • Kindly take backups of the website hosting file, emails and databases regularly. Its your responsible to take backups of their website files, emails and databases. we do not take any back, Any problem in the server due to hardware or software, You must be in a position to upload the web files, emails, scripts, database etc We take regular backups, but we can't guarantee for backups.
  • Our reseller hoster are not allowed to provide free hosting to there company, Free kind of hosting is not allowed, We dont support free domain names like .co.cc extension for hosting. The domain name has to be registered from any company to provide hosting
  • If the web hosting account has been expired, we will delete all the files in the server immediately, We dont have any grace days for the web hosting account, While renewal the domain name, Kindly check whether the web hosting for that respective domain gets renewed.
  • For getting technical support or any related issues, You need to contact us only through email. We do not provide support through telephone or personally. All support will be provided through email. Only after verifing your ownership of the product. Even if you are company or individual, The support will be provided only after verifing the email id. This is because, we will not be able to verifiy the ownership through telephone or personally.
  • We do not have any setup fee for new customers & resellers while purchasing any of our service or products , The domain name, web hosting and website ownership transfer from existing customer email id to new customer email id will be charged Rs 499/-. This fee is collected for verifing new ownership details. For change of ownership, We need to receive a confirmation mail from existing owner.

We request all the customers & resellers to fill the order form correctly, we do not provide access of your personal information to outsider or third party, All verification for our web service will be done through email, we do not support any account modication or providing access through other means of communication, other than email, which is used for verification, We provide telephone support for sales support for features of our products, customer care support for invoicing, ordering, billing etc All our technical support are handled through email support only: helpline@Geohoster.com, We make sure to respond all our technical support email within 1 hr to maximum cant be mentioned depends on the problem, Through our experience 99.30% of the technical issues are resolved within 4 to 8 hrs, None of service is post paid, All are prepaid with full paid, we provide no questioned asked money back guaranteed within 7 to 10 days, either it will be made through paypal or bank transfer. First year registration for any web product or service pricing will not same for the next year, It depends upon the market rate & increase of price, All renewal pricing will be available in the

When you purchase or sign up our web service, You have acknowledge that you have read & understood YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ THIS AGREEMENT AND AGREE TO ALL ITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

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