How to Start a Reseller Web Hosting Company?

There are lot of people out there want to create a website for part time business to earn extra money through online. To create a website a website you need a domain name & web hosting space which is must all the business segments to come only. Have you ever thought about selling web hosting to someone else which is must for all the website, We are going to discuss about how to start a reseller web hosting company?

Definitely like any online business even this business needs website and small capital which we aware, We do need a professional website created by us or call a web designing company which is not going to much cost and basically 6 to 8 page cost approximately Rs 3,000/- or 75 US$. Once the website is done, There are lot of free private label domain registrant company who sell at a very low price, so sign up with them.

Now here comes the major part of this business, where to buy the reseller web hosting or how to manage a dedicated server, In simple, the best thing is to purchase a reseller web hosting from good companies who have been in the market for more than 2 to 3 year experience and good customer list around 1,000 plus, Now why 2 to 3 yrs old company & good customer list around 1,000 plus are taken into account for choosing reseller web hosting company. Firstly, As we are new to this market we need a good support in all aspect of technical issue, Only a company with good experience & hugh customer list will be able to provide best web hosting support. Secondly when a company has 1,000 plus customer, definitely it is not run by an individual and also getting 1,000 plus customers really shows they are serious involved in their business & have good track record. Always go for web hosting company who do not oversell there web hostingspace, You will be able to get unlimited reseller web hosting space whichwill cost Rs 5,000/- or 125 US$ per year with package of 20 domain hosting(Example: you will be able to get this package from, so that you will able to provide small to medium to unlimited package to your customers

How to advertise the business? Before advertising, do a small research in the web hosting market to find out what is best price that an be fixed & your profit ratio. Many of the online business fail because of lack of marketing and advertising, There are lot free tool available online to promote your business online. The best & effective tool will be posting your web hosting package & company profile in free classifieds, web directories, search engine, writing article, blog etc. There are around 500 plus good classifieds and web directories where you can post & get potentional customer.

We have created a small profit margin calculator for you

New Website for Business = Rs 3,000/-
Unl Reseller Web Hosting = Rs 5,000/-

Total investment: Rs 8,000/-

You have a package which can sell unlimited hosting for 20 domains/customer which is Rs 5,000/-, So Cost Price Per Unlimited Hosting will be Rs 250/-
Based on the current market price, Per Unlimited Hosting is Rs 1600/-

Total Selling Price = Rs 1,600 per unl hosting x 20 cust = Rs 32,000/-
Profit for 1st month = After deducting investment Rs 3,000/- & selling price Rs 6,000/- will be Rs 24,000/-

Profit for 2nd month & so on = After deducting selling price Rs 6,000/- will be Rs 27,000/-

Mostly importantly, its not necessary to start this business full time or need a big infrastructure, You can start this business even as part time or home based job.

Thanks for your valuable time & have a happy hosting.

How to eliminate spam emails using linux cpanel?

A few clients have asked how to eliminate all the spam they are receiving. If you're receiving too much spam, try the following procedures.

Go to cpanel, under mail click spam assassination..enable... set score at auto-delete.

Go to default address.. select Send all unrouted e-mail for: select Discard with error to sender (at SMTP time) - Failure Message (seen by sender): No such person at this address..change

Go to forwarder...add accounts to forward to an active email account

To test an email forwarder click Email Delivery route
Thanks for your valuable time, See you at the top.

E-mail / News

E-mail spam has steadily, even exponentially grown since the early 1990s to several billion messages a day. Spam has frustrated, confused, and annoyed e-mail users. Email ids are collected from forum, search engines websites, newsgroups, and viruses which harvest users' address books, and are sold to other spammers.

Email spam is A junk mail sent many people with same identical messages, which is not support by any company in the world, if you want sent bulk mail or commercial mail or promotional mail, we, does not support this features, The account will be terminated with any notification

E-mail / News Bombing:

Malicious intent to impede another person's use of electronic mail services or news will result in the immediate termination of the offending Hosting account.

E-mail / Message Forging:

Forging any message header, in part or whole, of any electronic transmission, originating or passing through the Hosting server is in violation

Our email hosting features supports only opt in mailing list. If you are loking for a Email marketig option our email hosting will not support.