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Welcome To Our Geohoster's Affiliate Program!

Geohoster is a Web Hosting & software development company who provide both ready made (off-the-shelf) and custom solutions. We are located in India with head offices in Chennai (formerly Madras).

Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate

1.How much will earn?

31 days x 1 Customer x Rs 999/- or 25 US$ per sale = Rs 30,969/- or 775 US$ Make up Too

2.Who can join in this affiliate program?

Existing customers, business associates, domain & hosting reseller are eligible to start the affiliate program. Whoevear wants to start online business.

3.What are products are you offering for affiliate program?

As of now we are offering unlimited web hosting with domain name registration package and website designing.

4.What do I get?

By driving customers to purchase unlimited web hosting with domain name registration, you will receive Rs 999/- or 25 US$ per sale.

5.How much i can earn in a month?

Lets take an example, By making one sale per each day, Rs 999/- or 25 US$ per sale x 31 days = Rs 30,969/- or 775 US$

6.Do i need pay any amount in advance?

No, You can pay us once you get the payment from the customers

7.Who will provide support to our customer?

We will provide the complete technical support

8.Do i need a website to promote this affiliate program?